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Early Vision Screening 



Early Vision Screening (EVS), a program of the Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (ABVI) provides FREE vision screenings!


  • Using a device that works like a camera, measurements are taken of the eyes without any physical contact.

  • Using picture cards, eye charts, or eye drops are not necessary.  

  • The device works on children as young as 6-months old.

  • The screening literally takes seconds and yields immediate and accurate results.


If your child is found with a vision problem we will know right away. You will be referred to an eye doctor near you for a comprehensive eye examination. Free eye exams can be scheduled for families without medical insurance. 


A vision screening today could help prevent vision loss for your child in the future!

Did you know . . . ?

  • One in every four school-aged children has an undetected vision problem?

  • Undetected vision problems in children can lead to blindness?

  • Parents, teachers and primary care doctors cannot detect most vision problems?

  • Vision problems can cause impairment in learning and development in school?

  • Most vision problems are treatable if detected early enough?

Early Vision Screening FAQ Sheet

A Program of Vision Wellness & Preventive Services at Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (ABVI)


Why should my child get a vision screening?

  • One out of every four children suffers from vision problems.

  • Vision problems are not often noticed by parents or teachers.

  • You cannot see the progress of your child learning to see as you can when he/she learns to walk and talk.


Why can’t my pediatrician find these eye problems?

  • When checking the overall health of your child, eye problems are often overlooked.

  • Sometimes a child appears to see well even when the eyes are not developing correctly.

  • Primary health professionals don’t have equipment designed specifically to find vision problems.


Why does my child need a vision screening before age 5?

  • By age 9 your child’s eyes are fully developed. If one of the eyes has not developed correctly, the brain no longer tells that eye to work. Eventually, your child will lose vision in that eye.

  • If this happens, it cannot be cured. 

  • It CAN be prevented if caught and treated before age 5!


What are the most serious eye problems my child could have?

  • Amblyopia (am-blee-OH-pee-uh) - the result of a “lazy eye” which causes poor vision.

  • Strabismus – misaligned or crossed eyes

  • Cataracts 

  • Tumor


How can Early Vision Screening (EVS) help my child?

  • EVS can help detect potential vision problems before it’s too late!

  • All children 6-months or older, regardless of any disabilities, are welcome to the screenings.

  • If a child already wears glasses or is under the care of an eye doctor, screenings are not necessary.


How does the vision screening work?

  • Using a vision screening device, a photo and video are taken of your child’s eyes.

  • Within seconds the device tells us if your child has a vision problem.

  • The device does not touch your child and no verbal communication is necessary.

  • It’s quick, easy, and FREE!


What happens if EVS detects a problem with my child’s vision?

  • You will be referred to an eye doctor in your area.

  • If you don’t have medical insurance, we have eye doctors that will exam your child for free.








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