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2022 Presentation schedule 


*All presentations by authors and illustrators will be ASL interpreted by students from RIT/NTID providing pro-bono services for their Practicum*

10:30-11:30 Tui Sutherland, "Wings of Fire"
11:30-12:30 Tui Sutherland, Book-signing on stage following presentation

(1829 Room)

10:45 Judy Bradbury, Be A Fact Detective!
11:15 Dee Romito, Building a Story
11:45 Vivian Vande Velde, Who Loves Squirrels?
12:15 Jane Yolen & Heidi Stemple, EEK! YUCK! Writing poetry about gross things 
12:45 Julie Berry, What Stories Need And How to Get Started: A Workshop with Julie Berry
1:15 Alex Sanchez, Creating Your Own Graphic Novel
1:45 Yuko Jones, You Can Draw With Yuko!
2:15 Leslie C. Youngblood, What do Authors do? You Can Be an Author, too!
2:45 Jackie Yeager, Wonder. Question. Imagine. Soar: Travel the globe by reading a book!
3:15 Sally Valentine, Let’s Write A Poem

(Bamboo Room smaller side 2650)

10:20 Cara Rager, WXXI Guest Reader
10:40 Will Hubbell, Pumpkin Jack
11:00 Christine O’Riley, The Wondrous Story of the Little Shoe
11:20 Kathy Blasi, Milo’s Moonlight Mission
11:40 Alyssa Capucilli, Celebrating Over 25 Years of Biscuit, and Other Characters Who Love to Read
12:00 Michelle Knudsen, Marilyn's Monster
12:20 Rashin Kheiriyeh, The Shape of Home
12:40 Susannah Buhrman-Deever, If You Take Away the Otter
1:00 Frank Cammuso, Jeff Mack, and Matt McElligott, It’s Alive!: Three Illustrators Draw Monsters
1:40 Mylisa Larsen, If I Were A Kangaroo
2:00 James Howe, Tyrone O’Saurus Dreams
2:20 Brian Yanish, Mini Drawing Workshop: Zombie Doughnut Attack!
2:40 Barbara Underhill, Stories With RCBF Co-Director Barbara Underhill

(Bamboo Room larger side 2610)

10:30 Susan Beckhorn, The Wolf’s Boy: A Story 20,000 years in the Making
11:00 Kevin Kurtz, Adventures in Science Writing
11:30 Rose O’Keefe, The Douglass Family in Southeast Rochester, NY
12:00 Peggy Thomas, Become a Hero for the Hungry
12:30 London Ladd, Creating Black Gold
1:00 JN Courtney, CLOUDSCAPE: Welcome to a New World
1:30 Keely Hutton, Historical Fiction: Humanizing History
2:00 Kalynn Bayron, Horror in Children's Literature
2:30 Bruce Coville, HATCHING A STORY: Notes on Writing Fantasy for Kids
3:00 Andrea Page, Behind the Scenes: 33 Code Talker Gold Medals

(Fireside Lounge)

3:30-4:00 A Magical Journey Through Stages, Selections from Disney’s Descendants: The Musical
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