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Wegmans Comes Through, Year After Year

Wegmans has been a top sponsor of the Rochester Children’s Book Festival since nearly the beginning and even helped us forge a partnership with MCC, the perfect venue, more than a decade ago. Wegmans' annual grants continue to provide the essential funding to make the RCBF possible. One year, when we lost a key sponsor, Wegmans came through to make up the difference. Because of their generosity, along with that of our other sponsors, we can offer the RCBF free of charge to all families who want to attend. We can’t thank Wegmans enough for its dedication to children’s literacy and our community.

We are proud to have some of our award-winning authors and illustrators speak in Wegmans Presentation Place, the first presentation room you'll encounter at the RCBF. We hope to see you there November 4th!

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